Lamm Carreé /Jus /gr.Bohnen / cremige Polenta /Kumquats /Thymian /Babykarotten

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Lamm Carreé /Jus /gr.Bohnen / cremige Polenta /Kumquats /Thymian /Babykarotten  by Ulrich Georg H. Dahlmann
Lamm Carreé /Jus /gr.Bohnen / cremige Polenta /Kumquats /Thymian /Babykarotten
ABOUT Ulrich Georg H. Dahlmann

Dahlmann Catering stands for the highest quality and perfection – from the planning through to the execution – because, in the end, it’s about creating something special:

Your event should reflect your own personal style and dazzle all your guests. Hence, the catering at Dahlmann is no ordinary matter. First, we get to know our clients, getting a feeling for their ideas and desires. Only then do we come up with a distinctive and unique concept that suits their catering needs. This kind of catering means much more to us than just a business: it’s about individual custom service, delivered from our homegrown sources to meet the highest quality demands. Catering that’s as special and unique as you are!