ABOUT Mike Hamel

There is an attribute that perfectly describes people like me: “gastrosexual”. German author Carsten Otte even wrote a nonfiction book about the male species to which I belong and humorously analyses the behaviour of gastrosexuals. Men like me do not spend the weekend in the garage, but in the kitchen, as we all share the same passion: cooking. We invest a lot money in good produce and professional cooking equipment, have tons of cookbooks, prefer to cook our meat and vegetables sous-vide and enjoy spoiling our family and friends with gourmet menus. Many people name their cars. But who on earth names his kitchen? Well, gastrosexuals like me do that. I call my kitchen „3D Kochatelier“ (3D Cooking Studio), because we live in a former spinning mill in house 3D. The kitchen is my playground, my battlefield, my craft room, my machinery, my studio. It’s the place where I’m creative, where I can unfold and relax at the same time. My kitchen is my cathedral in which I live out my passion. At the beginning of my “career“ as a hobby chef, I almost always followed recipes. Over the years, however, I’ve enhanced my skills. Thanks to various workshops with star chefs and first and foremost to my friendship with avant-garde chef Giuseppe Messina I have learned many cooking techniques that now enable me to create my own menus and dishes. I really enjoy using the aroma wheel for new flavour pairings. There are endless possible combinations and that makes it so exciting.

Gäng Kiao Wan by Mike Hamel
Gäng Kiao Wan
Kokos // Mango // Kiwi by Mike Hamel
Kokos // Mango // Kiwi
Grüner Brokkoli // Chili // Gomaiso by Mike Hamel
Grüner Brokkoli // Chili // Gomaiso
Foie Gras / Litschi / Pinienkern / Riesling by Mike Hamel
Foie Gras / Litschi / Pinienkern / Riesling
Rindfleisch // Grüner Spargel // Süßkartoffel by Mike Hamel
Rindfleisch // Grüner Spargel // Süßkartoffel
None by Mike Hamel
Kabeljau (gefämmt) // Dashi // Wilder Brokkoli by Mike Hamel
Kabeljau (gefämmt) // Dashi // Wilder Brokkoli
None by Mike Hamel